Whats Cooking in the High Desert?

Whose obligation is it to disclose info about property?

Whose obligation is it to disclose material information about a home to a perspective buyer? In most states, it is the seller, but obligations to disclose information about a property

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Lenders halt foreclosures for the Holidays


  Lenders to halt foreclosure evictions over the Holidays Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will suspend foreclosure evictions from December 19, 2009 through January 3, 2010. To help struggling families

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What’s Coming in 2010


The High Desert Real Estate Market will end 2009 on a Positive Note but what’s to come? 12/31/2009 – Nationally and locally here in the High Desert the real estate

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Thinking of selling your home in the High Desert


If you’re thinking about selling your home in the High Desert you may want to know a few things first.   Selecting a really good real estate agent to sell

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First time home buyers


First time home buyers attributed to 47% of real estate transactions in 2009 If you have been following real estate news and reports during the last year it can come

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Market Commentary January 2010


  As the real estate market continues to twist and turn… what is in hand for us ahead 01/08/2010 – The Market Condition Report (MCR) moved again slightly towards price

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Faced With a Dilemma


Some Homeowners who owe more than their home is worth are faced with the dilemma of continuing to pay the mortgage or to walk away facing a short sale or

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HUD waves 90 day flip rule


  Investors, take note…HUD waves 90 day flip rule for 1 year HUD takes action to speed the sale of foreclosed properties to new owners  HUD announced on Friday the

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Remodeling: Exterior Improvements


  If You Are Remodeling: Exterior Improvements Give More Bang for the Buck        Exterior improvements give more of a return when remodeling There is an annual report that

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Halting Your House Payment


  Thinking of halting payments on your house? Some High Desert homeowners upside down on their house (who owe more on their real estate loan than their home is worth)

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